Clockwise: Spiti, Coorg, Lakshwadeep, Pachmarhi, Mandu, Coorg

India offers a number of places to visit and unwind amidst picture perfect, stunning nature. There are also places and monuments made famous by history and time.

There are the famous spots, beaten to death by visitors. Overexposed but still timeless in appeal.

Then there are the ‘other’ places, not so touristy, not so cataloged, but equally beautiful. I will give out lists of such places, with a shorthand description. Should anyone want to know more, or better still, want to visit these places, please mail me. I promise to be of some help.

Pachmarhi: Quaint hill station, frozen in time. In Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India. You can walk/trek to pools and waterfalls in perfect harmony with pristine nature and hear your own heartbeat.

Coorg: Seclusion amongst coffee plantations, great people and spice trails. You are in the lap of solitude and lush forests. In Karnataka, south India.

Lakshadweep: Islands, reefs and atolls in the sea off Kerala coast. Reef diving, secluded holidays at fraction of price of similar better known places.

Lahaul & Spiti:  Himalayan desert land, cousin to Ladakh, spectacular views and ‘another’ world experience.   Different culture, Buddhist monasteries and sheer bliss.

Mandu: Fairy tale city in spectacular ruins. Immortal love story of talented Queen Roopmati, married to Muslim ruler Baaz Bahadur. Rich history.

There are many more. It will be my endeavour to keep sending out lists. Try and visit these places if you can.