Tea means morning, evening, anytime sojourn with friends and associates. Even  a silent soliloquy with self and all those special moments when you do nothing. Tea when you get up. Tea when you are tired, cold, happy, visiting friends, seeing off friends, birthdays, mourning. Tea is gender, occasion neutral. Trust me, a hot cuppa tea on a mistycold morning at a railway station is God’s personal blessing to mankind.

Welcome to Tea land, India!

Considering tea  is a recent habit, north of India did not take tea till late 40’s, south India, predominantly a coffee consumer, is still not an avid tea lover. Then how and where did tea take over as a national drink?

What range and variety? From pale gold aromatic ‘Darjeeling’  to dark molasses like ‘Assam’. India consumes tea in excess of 1000 m Kg every year. Now, that’s a lot of tea.