I felt a very proud Indian as I stepped into Bangalore’s ‘Namma Metro’ coach at Baiyappanhalli (starting point for East to west line).

Third Metro in the country after Kolkata and Delhi and the only one with WiFi…It took off, as if on air a good 50 feet above road level, brushing lush green canopies formed by ‘namma’ trees, punctuated annoyingly by grotesque concrete houses and rooftops. Check out this video clip, Bangalore Metro.

There will be omissions and misses as the services and commuters settle down to a symbiotic routine. Not to worry. Not to complain. This is our toe hold into salvation that has eluded Bangalore for a long time.

On this glorious day, we should forget the delay in implementation of the project as also the sloppy handling of roads, construction, traffic, jams and massive public inconvenience for a good four years.

Let us salute all the workers, engineers and team Metro staff for doing a good job. Thank you.

My ten minutes of heaven ended too abruptly having halted at MG Road and with heavy steps I walked down the stairs to the hell that awaits us on every Bangalore road.