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Never too late

lonesome-300x200It is never too late to change. To improve, learn, amend something. There is always a better way of doing things, a shorter route to reach a goal or a more economical solution to a project. How can we expect to better an outcome if we close our minds and hearts and bodies to learning?

There was never a dearth of learning or never will be. Have we opened our senses to such hints and signs?

Think progress. Think change. Today.
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  1. I whole heartedly support your views. I may add to your school of thought by saying that there is no age limit for learning. Learning is an endless process. I, and many others continue to learn with no considerstion for age and transfer knowledge & skill to others even from wheel chairs. By the way, it is never too late to revivle contacts with your near dear ones /well wishers . Happy Deewali in advance and love to Dear Indira Ji, Shagun “& family and Sankalap.

  2. Many thanks. I know your approach to life…practical and progressive. You a role model. Way to go, sir.

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