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Month: October 2013

Our response to problems is flawed..

Our response to everyday problems is flawed. And this time our genes are to blame.
After many many years of evolution, we are still driven by a primordial response to a problem.
‘Fight’ or ‘Flee’.
We allow our brains to perceive all problems as ‘threats’. The conversation goes like this:

Us – “oh no! oh my god! I have a problem”
Our brain – “You don’t worry. I know what to do with a threat when I sense one. I will go into a panic mode and send your body on an adrenalin overdose, blunt your comprehension, mess with your body mind balance, and send you up into the ozone hole”
Us – ” but Mr. Brain, every problem is not a threat. Problems come in different shaped and sizes. Failures, traffic jams, missed opportunities, money loss. Do you understand?”
Our brain – ” No I don’t. Do you?”
Our brain plus wisdom – ” If you did, you would not think of all problems as threats. you would not follow the same cycle of fear, panic, fight or runaway. You understand the transience and weightlessness of a problem but you react as if this was your last minute on earth”
Us – “Oh, then am I the problem?”.

Our brain is hard wired to react to a life-threat. But we can train it to use patience and not panic, to treat problems lightly, not as life threatening moments but as mere ‘situations’, some expected and some not.

How we react to a problem will determine whether we surmount the problem and get it out of the way or succumb to it and languish.


Never too late

lonesome-300x200It is never too late to change. To improve, learn, amend something. There is always a better way of doing things, a shorter route to reach a goal or a more economical solution to a project. How can we expect to better an outcome if we close our minds and hearts and bodies to learning?

There was never a dearth of learning or never will be. Have we opened our senses to such hints and signs?

Think progress. Think change. Today.

Form and content are so intricately linked

Form and content are so intricately linked to each other, it is unimaginable to see a good product if the content and it’s presentation are not balanced in a mutually complimentary way. A good product and good packaging. A good book and a good cover.Form and content are the same side of the coin.

In the war between form and content if one loses the other loses too.


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