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Month: September 2013


Dreams are like clouds. Far away, yet very personal. Like clouds dreams have no beginning and no end. They are here now and not here another moment. They change form, from fairy like to menacing. They uplift, depress, frighten, give hope, bring flashes of great insight, churn souls. Dreams, like clouds can contain fluffy nothingness or a hundred fear dragons hiding behind bolts of lightening.
Everyone has one private cloud. Like one dream. The problem is this cloud never remains the same. It is ever changing. Looming round the corner with a new unknown face.

Dreams are real, dreams are unreal.

A job done well

Difference between good and great performance is this.
When you do a task, a task gets done. Just that. A mere tick off the list. A contractual obligation delivered, to put it crudely. Expect no standing ovations. Meeting expectations is nothing great.
However, when you accomplish a task with a touch of excellence, you over deliver, you set new standards, create new pathways, invent, innovate. You are super duper. In your own eyes and those of others.

That is the biggest joy no wealth can match. It stays with you forever.


When there is a whiff of pure joy and a warm feeling in your soul and your heart is so peaceful, you can be sure that your child has come home.


You cannot excel at everything. You don’t have to.
Trying to do well at everything spreads your energies thin. You lose focus. Human energy is a finite resource. We can choose areas of our life or activity or skills, that we desperately want to master. Like bright stars in a vast dark sky.
Narrow your focus to things which are really really important to you. Then go for it like never before and never after.

If your objective is benign, you will excel sooner than you think. 

The road to nowhere

3865117014_717288f18e_z-150x150Education creates a mind-set which is unidirectional. It stifles the mind of its capacity to think and grow in all directions. It robs the mind of its glow and brilliance. Much like the picture below. While as there is an illusion of moving forward, of making progress, but you miss out on the fabulous palette of opportunities life offers on both sides of the path.

But the path is one way, one track. Sadly.

Another New Year

sunrise1I often wonder if we should be meditating on the year gone by or welcome a new year about to usher in. Should we look back and pick up bits and scraps of wisdom from the path just walked or jubilantly look up to the unknown and hope for a bigger share of luck.
If you pick up wisdom of experience, future will bring success. Hope alone will not work.

Look to the sunrise for ‘hope’ and look to the sunset for ‘wisdom’.


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